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translations of fanbooks, art books, and the like
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This community is completely dedicated to translations and transcriptions of fanbooks/artbooks from different anime and manga series. I've found that I've collected quite a few fanbooks from different series, though they're all in either Japanese or Chinese. Having all the information in one place would be nice, no? Hence this community. ;) Please note that my translations aren't the best. I'm doing this partially as practice~. Expect translations to come from a variety of series.

Masterlist of Translations
Volunteer/Questions Post
Request Post

Regarding posts:
Posting access is restricted. Please leave a comment at the volunteer post if you wish to gain posting access. I encourage others to share translations here! In fact, it would be much appreciated.

Only posts containing translations of fanbooks/artbooks or transcribed information from fanbooks may be posted. If you have questions about what's appropriate to post, please ask here.
Posting format:
Subject: [Name of Series] fanbook title, what's translated, pg.# (if applicable)

Please place all translations under lj-cuts, separating each page that's been translated from the original either by a separate post or by a separate lj-cut. Please tag all entries appropriately by series.
Anyone is free to join/watch this community. If you wish to help (translating, donating scans, transcribing, etc.), please leave a reply at this post.
Regarding reposting information from this community elsewhere:
Information found in this community is not to be reposted elsewhere unless the translator/transcriber of that particular portion gives permission. So please ask for permission first and it may be granted. Credit must be given.
Fanbooks that might possibly be translated:
Here's a list of fanbooks that I personally have (so I might eventually get around to translating parts of these. Only parts!!). Anything help with translating is appreciated. :) If you know whether any of these have been translated or released in English, do let me know.

Masterlist here, where the following can be found. The masterlist will always be more up-to-date than the list here.

Bokurano Official Book
Death Note v.13: How to Read
Dear Boys Premium Guide
Detective Academy Q Mystery Note
Eyeshield 21 Official Data Book
Fruits Basket Neko
Gakuen Alice Art Fanbook
Gakuen Alice 7.5
Hikaru no Go Gorgeous Character Guide
Honey and Clover Animation Guide
Honey and Clover Official fan book vol.0
La Corda d'Oro Memorial Book
La Corda d'Oro Character Profiles by Nami Amou
Love Hina volume 00
Prince of Tennis 10.5
Prince of Tennis 20.5
Prince of Tennis 40.5
New Prince of Tennis Fanbook 0.5
Prince of Tennis PairPuri vol 1 Atobe x Sanada RIVAL
Prince of Tennis PairPuri vol 2 Tezuka x Shiraishi CAPTAIN
Prince of Tennis PairPuri vol 3 Yuushi x Kenya FAMILY
Prince of Tennis PairPuri vol 4 Kikumaru x Niou ENTERTAINER
Prince of Tennis PairPuri vol 5 Ryoma x Yukimura THE TOP
Prince of Tennis PairPuri vol 6 Kaidou x Kirihara NEXT GENERATION
Prince of Tennis PairPuri vol 7 Jirou x Marui POSITIVE
Prince of Tennis PairPuri vol 8 Kite x Akutsu DARK
Prince of Tennis PairPuri vol 9 Inui x Chitose INTELLIGENCE
Prince of Tennis PairPuri vol 10 Fuji x Shishido COUNTER
Prince of Tennis Tenipuri Festa 2009
Prince of Tennis Perfect Edition
Shaman King Character Book Manjien
Shaman King Official Fanbook Mankin Book

If you have any requests for translations or wish to see one of those listed above given priority for translation, please leave a reply at this post.

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