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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri Vol 2 Tezuka x Shiraishi Words for the two [pg.3-50]

PairPuri vol 2 Tezuka x Shiraishi
Words for the two [pg.3-50]


All the captains have great presence. Maybe I should wear a beard too...(Then I'll be popular with the girls...) (Aoi)

I understand the worries of a captain too. Next time, let's talk about it over some drinks. Wait, I mean drinks like coke, you know? (Akazawa)


Tezuka-kun, don't overdo it so earnestly. Well, when you need help, feel free to come to me at any time. (Akitaka ojisan)

You appear refined with your "The one who wins is the winner," but do you have the resolve to lose everything when you lose? (Akutsu)


A~n, Tezuka writes in his diary as his daily routine? I'll see through what he writes with ore-sama's insight! (Atobe)

Tezuka-buchou! As the upperclassmen, we'll reign in those cheeky underclassmen, so you don't have to worry! (Arai)


Tezuka-kun, liking eel tea means your training is still lacking. Those who follow the path of the eel will end up with broiled eel served over rice. (Ishida Gin)

It seems that Aniki's hadoukyuu was ineffective against Shiraishi-san...please have a match with me one day! (Ishida Tetsu)

(*t/n: I don't think I got Gin's right. Here's the original Japanese if anyone wants to have a better shot at it:

Anyone know what kind of tea うな茶is?)


Hoh, Shiraishi-kun has an abundance of knowledge about poisonous time, would you like to develop a new Inui Juice with me? (Inui)

I'm happy that I'm able to play together with Tezuka again in this training camp. It's because we came to win! (Oishi)


Shiraishi-san, you have bandages around your arm! Are you hurt!? If you don't mind, please use this favorite medicine of mine. (Ootori)

Shiraishi! You're so noisy with all your "ecstasy"'s! Well, there's a lot I'm thankful for about you. (Osamu)


I heard from Kenya that Shiraishi's sense of humor is not that great. And that's what makes him a suitable captain for them. (Oshitari)

Until Buchou leaves the team, I will definitely learn all that I can to be the next captain. Fshuu~. (Kaidou)


To uphold the tradition in Seigaku that Tezuka-buchou established, we'll gather our strengths and do our best! (Kachirou)

I'm super happy that Buchou told me, "You will become stronger because you have the height." (Katsuo)


Next time, I will copy Tezuka-san's play in the rain too....the winner will be Hyoutei. (Kabaji)

Ever since my father met Tezuka, whenever something comes up, he compares me with Tezuka and says, "Takashi is great in a different way..." (Kawamura)


You know, Tezuka, you really don't look the same age as us~. Ah, of course I mean it in a good way! (Kikumaru)

Shiraishi's "The one who wins is the winner" is a conviction I empathize with. Your decisive phrase, however, is lacking. (Kite)


Actually, my play against southpaws is perfect. Both of you should gather together, and I'll crush you....just kidding! (Kirihara)

Shiraishi, he's weaker than me yet he's the captain. Isn't that weird? Wah~, I don't want to die yet! I don't want the poison arm!! (Kintarou)


Tezuka's elbow is completely recovered!? It wasn't that I was weak. You were just too strong! (Kuki)

Shiraishi, I think we would have a lot to talk about. His boke and my tsukkomi would go well together. (Kurobane)

(boke: funny man in a comedy duo
tsukkomi straight man in a comedy duo)


That guy Shiraishi, even though he's popular, he says he's "not good with assertive girls." I'm not envious or anything! (Kenya)

During second year, Shiraishi's slump after the Rikkai battle was impressive. From then on, he's changed a bit. (Koishikawa)


Ah~, I want to sneak a peak at Kura-rin when he does yoga after his bath. Even better, I want to do yoga together with Kura-rin~ ♥ (Koharu)

Shiraishi-buchou, really, give me a break with all the endless talk about poisonous plants when we're eating. (Zaizen)


AHAHAHAHA! With my speed tennis, I'll defeat both aces from the east and the west! (Sakada)

Tezuka. This is a message from my grandfather to your grandfather. "This time, let's battle over bald heads! KATSU!!!" (Sanada)

(katsu: this is a shout)

He continues fighting even while sacrificing himself....truthfully, I'm surprised that Tezuka is such a hotblooded player. (Shishido)

After the match with Tezuka, Sanada was crying in the bathroom. Don't tell anyone this, hey! (Jackal)


Perfect tennis? Heh~, how cool~. But but, I like more magnificent plays....ZZZ (Jirou)

Tezuka? That was an easy win! Wasn't a big deal...ah, Tezuka-san! How's the condition of your arm? (Daimaru)


Shiraishi is someone who even Chitose acknowledges. Just by watching his match against Fuji, I can tell Chitose wasn't exaggerating. (Tachibana)

Both are impressive. I too will open the next door of muga and challenge them to a match. Wait for me! (Chitose)


...because both of them weren't useful, I lost to Fuji. They were unexpectedly just waiting to be eaten. (Niou)

Because Koharu begged me to imitate Tezuka-kun's face, I now have wrinkles between my eyebrows that haven't gone away for 3 days... (Hitouji)


Tezuka-san's strictness and Shiraishi-san's motto of getting results, I will become a captain who combines both! (Hiyoshi)

I learned important things from both. This time, I would like to experience the finest thrill in a serious match. (Fuji)


Tezuka-buchou! I respect him a lot! I also have the conviction to do my best as Seigaku's pillar of support! (Horio)

Both of you aren't going to eat desert after your meals? If you blink, I'll snatch it away! (Marui)


Tezuka-kun is taciturn, but why doesn't anyone call him "jimi" for that? Is it because he sparkles when using muga...? (Minami)

Thief-bro, why didn't you say anything before you left!'s not like it matters though. (Miyuki)


Shit, Shiraishi, telling me that "karaage is bad for my health!" It's my freedom to eat whatever I want! (Mukahi)

It's because of Tezuka-buchou's unwavering presence that I was able to aim for the top. Thank you very much!! (Momoshiro)

(karaage: fried food)

Tezuka-kun and Shiraishi-kun, you need to be more considerate towards females. That's a requirement for being a gentleman. (Yagyuu)

Shiraishi, if you admit to being an otaku over your health, it should be quite obvious to you that you must hold back from high calory foods like cheese risotto. (Yanagi)


I know Aniki's strength the best. For someone to be able to defeat Aniki...Shiraishi-san, he's a person to be feared. (Yuuta)

These three years in middle school, I strangely have not had a match with Tezuka. Next time, let's have a serious match with the world as our stage. (Yukimura)


Tezuka, thank you for everything up to now. From now on, please play for yourself. (Ryuuzaki Sumire)

Tezuka-buchou, I will snatch it away from you in a direct battle, the title of "Seigaku's pillar." (Ryoma)
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