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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri Vol 3 Yuushi x Kenya words for the two [pg.3-50]

PairPuri vol 3 Oshitari Yuushi x Oshitari Kenya
Words for the two [pg.3-50]

I absolutely love all the glasses talk. XD


I have completely seen through you, Oshitari. Your true self is nothing like what you show, a~n? (Atobe)

So you have a pet iguana...*sniff*...sorry, that made me think of my Rabi-chan that passed away... (Aragaki)


The fact that you like sagoshiki zushi, Yuushi-kun, means that you have not forgotten how to enjoy the simple tastes of Kansai. (Ishida Gin)

Aniki has praised Kenya-san, saying "Even with my 108 styles of Hadoukyuu, there's someone out there who can run faster." (Ishida Tetsu)


Those glasses, they aren't prescribed, are they? That's why we can see your eyes through the lenses. (Inui)

The glasses-wearing guy from Hyoutei, his hair is long and annoying, and he talks so much...somehow, he annoys me. (Ibu)


For the team's sake, he gave up his spot to let Chitose play. Because Shitenhouji has players like him, Shitenhouji is strong. (Oishi)

Oshitari-sempai, those glasses look broken, yet you're still wearing them. I wonder why... (Ootori)


Kenya! Go and buy yakisoba bread for me! Oh, you're back already. I can only depend on you after all! (Osamu)

Oshitari-san, you sure had a tenacious match with Momoshiro...I'm not envious or anything! (Kaidou)


Speed bastard! I was unprepared during the Kansai tournament, but afterwards my super tennis evolved greatly! (Kadowaki)

Fake and drop...(the technique name is too long and too hard to understand) I can't pronounce it anymore... (Kabaji)


To think that I would lose in speed...shit, I'm going to find music that will up my rhythm! (Kamio)

Both of you either have speed or technique. It's impressive. I only have power. (Kawamura)


Hyoutei's Oshitari, he's good with tsukkomi. I like that kind of Kansai feeling, nya! (Kikumaru)

No matter how fast he runs, he can't surpass shukuchihou. The key point is to be effective. (Kite)


Kenya's cousin, when he takes off his glasses, he transforms into a super hero!? Shiraishi told me that! (Kintarou)

Megane-san, you're on the overseas exchange committee~? Please, exchange with me for sure! (Krauser)


Doesn't buying petfood become a bit overwhelming? My two dogs, they eat like 100 thousand yen worth of food every month. (Kurobane)

Kenya's drum beat is too fast. He always leaves the other members behind... (Koishikawa)


Yuushi-san, thank you for taking me under your wing. I, to, nevermind! (Kotoha)

Kenya-kun is Skanda! Abduct me with that speed! (Koharu) [Are you cheating on me! by Hitouji]

*Skanda: a swift footed guardian diety.


Sempai, I'm begging you, please listen to BGM's other than "speed" ones during lunch from time to time. (Zaizen)

Your feet are quite fast. But even so, I can see your movements perfectly. (Saeki)


Oshitari, I know you still aren't satisfied with your own tennis. Aim even higher! Itteyoshi! (Sakaki)

AHAHAHA! I don't know about Naniwa's speed star, but Michinoku's shooting star is better! (Sakada)


Hyoutei's Oshitari...he has the skill but he let his racket get blown away. That shows that his grip is weak! How embarrassing!! (Sanada)

Both of you are tall and good at tennis and have parents who are doctors. I'm envious, de yansu~~ (Shiita)


With all that fuss over being a tensai, you shouldn't be losing in doubles! That is totally uncool! (Shishido)

Yuushi uses a knife to prepare fish? I feel that using my bare hands works better. (Jackal)


It's fine that you like twirling your pen around, but stop letting your pen fly this way! It's super dangerous! (Shiraishi)

Uwah~, what speed! Run again! I couldn't see your feet!! How cool!! (Jirou)


I-Impossible!? That blond guy, based on my inner timer, has easily surpassed the 100 m world record!? (Taki)

That glasses guy and Atobe both come to the street tennis courts at times. It's frustrating, but they're both really good. (Tachibana An)


23 more minutes! That's how much longer Kenya and his cousin will continue bragging about their own schools! (Chitose)

Your glasses don't have a prescription!? Glasses are not for deceiving people, and they're definitely not fashion tools! (Tezuka)


Yuushi and Kenya are both economistis (kenya ka) who only loan (yuushi) money to Kansai people...pff! (Amane)

Shitenhouji...just looking at the name makes me dislike the school. Oshitari? I'm not the one who lost to him! (Hagi)


I'm going for real! Da da da da...hey, I can't imitate such nonsensical speed! (Hitouji)

Oshitari-san, he has that much potential yet he doesn't aim for the top. I can't understand that. (Hiyoshi)


Your hair is a beautiful bleached color. Have you used any decolorants? (Hirakoba)

Hyoutei's tensai...I'm honored that you have used my skills. *chuckles* (Fuji)


Ah~ ah, you can't get so worked up during a match! Your tensai points will drop like that! (Marui)

Kenya-niisan, thanks for teaching me how to run the other day! Thanks to you, I won in the prefectural tournament! (Miyuki)


That Yuushi, whenever things don't go his way, he closes himself off! Cut that out and give me back the juice money I lent you! (Mukahi)

Oshitari-san is actually a passionate person. To be acknowledged by such a person makes me pretty happy. (Momoshiro)


In the past, it's been said that "glasses raise a man's charm by thirty percent," but in the case of fake glasses, that's only a temporary thing. (Yanagi)

Oshitari-san also does "higuma otoshi"!? But truthfully, when compared with Aniki's, I can't deny that his loses out. (Yuuta)


Since both of your parents are doctors, you must feel at ease even when you fall sick. I feel that if you call the nurse, they'll come quickly for you. (Yukimura)

They say that wearing fake glasses is an expression of having a complex. Me? These are for practical use. (Yagyuu)


Having doctors for parents must give you a lot of pressure, dane. So much that Kenya's hair changed colors, dane. (Yanagizawa)

Your techniques, they're all copies of other people's. Hm? What? Why are you looking at me like I'm not allowed to say that? (Ryoma)
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