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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri Vol 4 Kikumaru x Niou words for the two [pg.3-50]

PairPuri vol 4 Kikumaru x Niou
Words for the two [pg.3-50]


The strength of Seigaku's Golden Pair was beyond my imagination. That match might have been my best match. (Akazawa)

Even though you're both small fry, you're so flashy in your actions. Don't stand out so uselessly, a~n? (Atobe)


I would like to have a match against the Golden Pair in doubles with Bane-san...this time, I will not put out any puns. (Amane)

Kikumaru-san, you're raising a parrot, right? How nice. What kind of words have you made it remember? (Aragaki)

*...That was still a pun. =P ダジャレはなしジャ。
*Haha, does Aragaki only care about pets?


It was too bad Kikumaru and I couldn't finish the beach volleyball match to the end. Next time, let's avoid forfeiting. (Itsuki)

Eiji and Oishi's doubles have far exceeded my data. Truthfully, the pair defies logic. (Inui)

pg. 9

Both of you have nicknames like Golden Pair or Trickster. You stand out. That kind of annoys me. (Ibu)

I was supposed to go up against Niou-san in the Kantou Tournament. If we had a match, he would have been fodder for me, the vanguard killer! (Uchimura)


Eiji...I am...we are...I can't do it! It's not anything earth shattering, but I can't express this in a single comment! (Oishi)

Like how Kikumaru-san and Oishi-san showed us the highest level of doubles, we will try our best too! (Ootori)


Cloning yourself like that was surprising. I completely lost this time. You're strong. (Kai)

I don't talk much with Eiji-sempai, but I really have a lot I would like to hear about from you. (Kaidou)


Eiji-senpai, you've treated us to a lot of things. I'm very grateful! (Kachirou)

Although he's that strong, he's intimate and friendly with us first years...I respect him! (Katsuo)


The match with Kikumaru-san gave me confidence! In order not to put the results to shame, I will do my best from now on too! (Kaneda)

Kikumaru-san has his own special rhythm. That kind of person is strong. (Kamio)


For someone like me without talent, Eiji's cheerfulness played a big part in helping me come this far in Seigaku. (Kawamura)

Even though we've known each other for a while, Niou-senpai is still full of mysteries. Even the location of his house is still a mystery. (Kirihara)


Both of you with your clones and your masquerades are so interesting~! Won't you transfer to our school? (Kintarou)

You are! That skill of Niou-san's, I know about it from reading manga! That's "Stand"!! (Krauser)

Stand is a skill from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. In the Chinese version, the kanji for it is the kanji for "stand in."


I have confidence in my jumping ability, but I would probably lose to Kikumaru. However, I can win in strength! (Kurobane)

Hey, Kiku-chan. How does it feel during Synchro? I would like you to tell me in great detail~ (Koharu)


It looks like your cloning ability has improved even more. I cannot easily say that I won't let you pass me anymore. (Saeki)

So Niou is bad with music? You can't lack sensitivity in tennis either. If necessary, I can guide you one-on-one. (Sakaki)


Ahahahaha! What's with the way you talk? You're completely losing your edge! (Sakada)

There's a new rumor floating around that I was flirting. Niou, this surely can't be your work? (Sanada)


I've rarely seen Niou-senpai practice, but he's so strong. I'm envious, de yansu~. (Shiita)

Being called the "Golden Pair" is so lame! Choutarou and I started being called that after winning. (Shishido)

*I think Shishido is referring to himself and Choutarou. I had it the other way around before.


Illusion...that Niou, he didn't even use me once! Hey! (Jackal)

Niou, it's bad if you don't take in the appropriate amount of calories. Based on your height and the amount you play sports, you need 3000k calories every day. (Shiraishi)


Niou is totally, totally cool! Illusion means transforming, right! Like a super hero! (Jirou)

There are rumors that Kikumaru-kun's older sisters are super cute! Definitely introduce me to them next time. (Sengoku)


Going all out in a big family~? Then you should compete with me in an eating competition! I won't lose! (Tanishi)

Illusion might even be one of the doors of Muga. I think I need to research this in the university hospital. (Chitose)


Kikumaru's cheerfulness has always brightened the team. I am thankful as his captain and his friend. (Tezuka)

The match against Kikumaru feels like such a long time, it's me! I'm one half of Yamabuki's strongest pair! (Higashikata)


The word "illusion" is great for bluffing, but at the core how is it any different from my copycat? (Hitouji)

So Niou likes the ocean too?? The ocean is great. It lets you feel how large the world is. (Hirakoba)


With Eiji on the team and as my classmate, everyday is thrilling. Thanks. (Fuji)

I'm actually aiming to be an acrobatic player like Eiji-senpai! Please watch me during practice next time! (Horio)


My finger got stuck in Niou's trick gum countless times! Geez. This is why I hate tricksters. (Marui)

Kikumaru's physical ability and sense are truly great. But we are the ones who won because of our dedication to the basics of doubles. (Minami)

pg. 45

We didn't play each other in Nationals. As I thought, Kikumaru, you ran away because you're scared of my acrobatics! (Mukahi)

Niou-san, it's good for your health to have enough sunlight. It helps you make the necessary Vitamin D for your body too. (Muromachi)


Eiji-senpai's existence is like a bridge between us underclassmen and the upperclassmen. I'm super grateful! (Momoshiro)

Although we lost, we were able to steal 2 games from Kikumaru-san [and his partner]. Next time, we'll repay the favor! (Mori)


Good grief...Niou-kun has made me go along with his tricks that have forced me to do many things very reluctantly. (Yagyuu)

If I were to put Niou and me into words, we are completely opposite types. Oddly, we seem to like the same kind of girls. (Yanagi)


Niou seems to be able to become me too. But before that, his five senses would get stolen by my yips. (Yukimura)

Eiji-kun? He's the kid who brings Shuusuke's prints to him when Shuusuke can't go to school. Thank you for always. (Yumiko)


Kikumaru showed us the limitless possibilities of doubles. He will have a long life. (Ryuuzaki Sumire)

I lost to Eiji-senpai in a 5 point rally? ...what are you talking about? Hey, have a match with me next time. (Ryoma)
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