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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri vol 5 Ryoma x Yukimura Words for the Two [pg.3-50]

PairPuri vol 5 Ryoma x Yukimura
Words for the two [pg.3-50]

Delicious, delicious comments. Mm~


I enjoy tennis so much, yet I haven't achieved "Tenimuhou no Kiwami." Is it because my hair's short? (Aoi)

I'm grateful you remained undefeated, brat. This will make it even more enjoyable when I crush you. (Akutsu)


History has always existed for change. The history created by the prince will be repainted by me, the king! (Atobe)

The strength of his tennis and his hierarchical relationships in the club are really something else! You should greet me, your sempai, properly, Echizen! (Arai)


You conquered the ball time, want to challenge the eyedrops bottle? The entrance fee is only 1000 yen! (Ikeda)

It seems like Echizen-kun's father knows the best waterfall for training. Please instruct me next time. (Ishida Gin)


Don't ever come to the street tennis courts again, Echizen. Because our time on the courts would disappear... (Izumi)

Fufufu...Echizen. Until you drink all of the juice I created, I cannot recognize you as the pillar of Seigaku. (Inui)


I get angry when Echizen get's fussed over. On top of that, Yukimura's "Yips" is my "Spot". (Ibu)

Mada mada daze, Ryoma. There's more to enjoy in the world. Check it out with your own eyes! (Echizen Nanjirou)


He kept me in suspense in the beginning, but I'm truly glad that you came during my last year in middle school, Echizen. (Oishi)

I got into bragging about Echizen with Kenya...but he truly became one tough guy. (Oshitari)


That white hat and that headband, both middle school students look like they'll bring lots of amusement. Come at me! (Oni)

"Boomerang" and "Tornado Snake", I'll definitely smash them into your court, Echizen! (Kaidou)


Father said he'd like you to come to our tennis school again. He said that it would be good advertisement...(Kachirou)

Ryoma-kun is the pride of us first years, and we look up to him. I'll work hard in order to at least catch up to him a little! (Katsuo)


Echizen gave me confidence and courage. After I take over the sushi shop, I'll show off my skill and treat you to a feast! (Kawamura)

Ochibi! As a reward for doing your best, I'll treat you to a Chocolate Parfait Super Deluxe! (Kikumaru)


Our fathers have nothing to do with us. In our next battle, I'll show you I can win, Echizen Ryoma! (Kiraku)

Shit, Yukimura-buchou's tennis is monstrous after all...I'll definitely defeat you in this training camp! (Kirihara)


Koshimae and Rikkai's general both make me shiver hard! I was super right to choose tennis! (Kintarou)

Samurai, harakiri* is impressive! I am happy I learned a lot about Japan from the two of you. (Krauser)

*ritual suicide


Just like Yuushi said, you're a really remarkable guy. But even so, our Kin-chan doesn't lose to you! (Kenya)

Yukimura-san's natural hair, let me mess it up~! Oh no, I can't see. I can't moooove my hands either! (Koharu)


You must have chosen to be a library committee member to read all the comedy works you want, Echizen. Well, I have the same reason. (Zaizen)

I am deeply interested in their mental make-up. Let me draw out new limits for you. (Saitou)


No matter where Ryoma-kun is in the world, as long as I play tennis, we'll definitely meet again...(Sakuno)

Echizen, you sure looked after me! What, which Sasabe am I? It doesn't matter which one I am!! (Sasabe)


Let's build the invincible legend of the champions Rikkai in high school this time. Our journey has not yet ended!! (Sanada)

Yukimura-buchou praised me, saying, "You have a talent for picking up balls," de yansu~! (Shiita)


Even though Yukimura lost, Sanada's not going to hit him!? It's like I'm the only one getting hit, hey! (Jackal)

There's no mistake that those two are at the top of the middle school world. Both of them have their overflowing aura. (Shiraishi)


Echizen-kun who cut the ball in half with his "Samurai Drive" was impressive, but Yukimura-kun surprised me when he returned that point. (Sengoku)

I lost last time, but I'll show you the true terror of Higa in this training camp! Haide*, Higa Chuu! (Tanishi)

*a cheer...


Echizen-kun showed me that even if his body is small, he can play tennis. One day, I will catch up too! (Dan)

To think that "Tenimuhou no Kiwami" is the heart that enjoys's like "the bluebird of happiness". (Chitose)

*Bluebird of happiness


In order to make you the pillar of Seigaku, there is one last thing to be done. I will be waiting for you at the courts under the overpass, Echizen. (Tezuka)

Being at the top of the middle school tennis world is merely like being a frog in the well* after all. The fate of the frog is to drown in the ocean. (Tokugawa)

*Interesting quote from a site about a book titled Frog in the Well: "During [the late Tokugawa] period, a typical Japanese scholar or artist refused to acknowledge the outside world, much like a 'frog in the well that knows nothing of the ocean'..." Hm, Tokugawa period? :3


Thanks to Echizen, I was able to gather plenty of data on Yukimura. I look forward to using that with my "Illusion". (Niou)

Thanks to Echizen's existence, us second years completely lost our reputation. Momo, won't you win against him...(Hayashi)


Hey, Chibisuke. Next year Hyoutei will defeat you and conquer Nationals. I'll show you my gekokujou! (Hiyoshi)

If it's doubles, I still feel I could probably win against you. Come again to the street tennis courts with Momoshiro. (Fukawa)


Don't think lightly of the underclassmen*. Next year, Ginka will be Tokyo's representative! ...before that, can I use the restroom? (Fukushi)

Echizen and Yukimura both showed me new heights. The scenery from the top...I would like to see that too. (Fuji)

*Anyone know what ビシパシ means?


Echizen has become pretty strong. The advice he got from me, someone with two years of tennis experience, was helpful after all! (Horio)

Hey, let's pair up in doubles this time, Yukimura-kun! It'll be the birth of an invincible, genius and exquisite combination~! (Marui)


Yukimura-kun appears...tidy and elegant. I feel like we'd get along. How about it, come to St. Rudolph. (Mizuki)

I'm really glad that I play tennis, Echizen. Because we were able to form the best memories together! (Momoshiro)


Yukimura-kun conquered his sickness and has a limitlessly earnest attitude towards tennis. He is a friend who I respect from the bottom of my heart. (Yagyuu)

Yukimura. If you need clean air for your treatment, please come to my boarding house again. My family welcomes you. (Yanagi)


Echizen and Aniki are existences that show me the top...but Aniki is stronger than Echizen. (Yuuta)

You are Nanjirou's son after all. Let me see, I'll end up looking after your child too. (Ryuuzaki Sumire)
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