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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri vol 5 Ryoma x Yukimura Jitaku 9 [pg.15-17]

PairPuri vol 5 Ryoma x Yukimura
File 04: School Life [pg.4-6]

Pair Puri Vol. 5 Jitaku 9


Page 01


Jitaku 9: The Secret between only them


Sakuno: Ryuuzaki Sakuno (12) here. I’m in a pinch.


Sakuno: I wonder if it’s okay for me to be here in the Arrivals Lobby waiting for Ryoma-kun


Page 02


Sakuno: Umm…Excuse me, but is this the Arrivals Lobby for International Flights?


Someone: Nope, Sorry this is Departures!


Sakuno: Fueeen


Ryoma: You have NO sense of direction


Sakuno: Ry…Ryoma-kun!?


Page 03


Ryoma: Hmmm, what’s this?



Certificate of Commendation

Women’s Division 3rd Place – Ryuuzaki Sakuno


Sakuno: Ah, that’s!?


Sakuno: It was only a small match, but just like you taught me


Sakuno: I practiced really hard and……………!!


Ryoma: You still have more to work on, but….


Ryoma: considering it’s you, Good job



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