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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri vol 6 Kaidou x Kirihara words for the two [pg.3-50]

PairPuri vol 6 Kaidou x Kirihara
Words for the two [pg.3-50]

Hey look, it's PairPuri 6! Haven't typed up a table of contents yet~ but I'd like to translate the pets part next, and the cats vs dog page!


I wonder if I'm not popular with the girls across the nation because I lost to Kaidou-san in that match. (Aoi)

T/N: He could also mean the girls at Nationals…

Both of you have some damn good daredevil eyes. If you're prepared to die, I can be your opponent. (Akutsu)

T/N: OTL. If anyone can put that first part better than me...


The fact that pure, angel wings would spring from your back was completely obvious to me! (Atobe)

Demonization made me fall into petrifaction... Like an angel, Kirihara enjoyed the match...pft. (Amane)

T/N: his puns were as follows...
debiru/devil & bibiru/to be scared
tenshi/angel & high tension


Kaidou-kun, I heard you like cats. I also have a pet rabbit. Animals sure are soothing. (Aragaki)

T/N: Aragaki strikes back with talk about pets!

Kaidou, I have countless newly developed Inui Juices I would like you to try out. Next time, won't you stop by my house? (Inui)


Akaya-kun is truly impressive. He's the pride of this tennis school. We'll be cheering for him. (Uchida)

You keep on making me feel scared for you. If you're hurt, come to my uncle's hospital at any time! (Oishi)


Kirihara-kun, your eyes are completely red! If it's fine with you, please use my eye drops. It's effective with bloodshot eyes. (Ootori)

Kirihara and Shiraishi's doubles was beyond my imagination. They're making the flame in my soul burn stronger and stronger...(Oni)


When I become a middle schooler like Kaoru-niisan, I would like to fire up my youth with club activities. (Kaidou Hasue)

Hey, Mamushi. The second years' time has finally come around. I'm not going to lose next time, so be ready! (Kamio)


Dad praised you, Kaidou. He said that your dignified way of eating is rare among the middle schoolers of this time. (Kawamura)

Kaidou~! The basics of doubles is trust between partners, nya~! Isn't that right, Oishi! (Kikumaru)

pg. 17

The frank battle spirit Kirihara Akaya possesses is something that transfers over to the spirit of our Okinawan martial arts. (Kite)

Mamushi? Wakame? What, neither sounds yummy~! Eh? They're not food? (Kintarou)

T/N: Mamushi = Kaidou's nickname. Wakame(seaweed) = Kirihara's nickname


Thanks for the practice match. Heh, you weren't weak. I was just too strong!! (Kuki)

T/N: In volume 7 of the Perfect Edition, Rikkai dresses Urayama as Kirihara, so Kuki actually fought against Urayama...

My name is not "Uza Uza"! I will soon "Kill You"! (Crauza)

T/N: His speech is very formal. XD; As expected of someone learning Japanese!


If we were to combine Kirihara Akaya's two sets of seems I need to analyze this more. (Kurobe)

Bandanna-kun, give me that bandanna. ♥ A~n, don't be so rou~gh! (Koharu)


Even though they're the same year as me, they're so childish. Whatever, next year Shitenhouji will be the ones to claim the championship. (Zaizen)

So he's the one who carried his companion up the cliff. Kids like him are the type to improve. (Saitou)


Akaya! In this training camp, you're going to wake up together with me at 4 every morning! I'm going to take this opportunity to fix your bad habit of oversleeping! (Sanada)

Akaya-sempai is sometimes very scary, but he's super cool in a match~ (Shiita)


Oi, Kirihara! If you're a man, don't make such a fuss over one or two hairstyles! That's shameful! (Shishido)

Akaya, if it's you, you'll be able to lead Rikkai. Good luck. You'll return my 100 yen before graduation, won't you? (Jackal)


I can't decide if I want to get a nice perm like Kirihara-kun's. What do you think? (Shiraishi)

If you come to Okinawa, I'll challenge you to skin diving. If you have stamina above mine, you should be able to do it. (Shiranui)

pg. 31

Heh, Kirihara likes shounen manga too~? If you brought any to the training camp, I want to see~! (Jirou)

Kaidou-kun, look, you need to smile more, smile more! Kirihara-kun, if you hit things like that, the bowls are gonna fall~! (Sengoku)

T/N: Sengoku could also mean that "luck" will fall


Compared to the time at the Kantou tournament, Kirihara has grown in both strength and mind. You should be thankful to your sempai. (Tachibana)

Kirihara-kun should study English just a bit more. You'll be troubled once you become a pro. (Chitose)


Kaidou, that is not all there is to your tennis. I will leave Seigaku's second consecutive victory to you. (Tezuka)

So you're the guy who charged at me on the first day... have you grown a little after not having to return home? (Tokugawa)


You're a fun guy to mess around with. Let me be straight, the one who came up with "wakame yarou (seaweed bastard)" was Yagyuu. (Niou)

We played a match during the practice matches between middle and high schoolers. You were quite the second year. You make me look forward to the future. (Nishiki)


It looks like Koharu is aiming for you, but I won't hand Koharu, who has synchronized with me in shoujo glory, over~! (Hitouji)

T/N: I'm not sure what he means, but I get this image of them doing Sailormoon poses in synchronization....

Kaidou. It seems that you're weak against ghosts, but tell me where you saw them. My journalist spirit has been kindled. (Hiyoshi)


Kaidou, remember your match with Tezuka. You should already be able to draw out your strength. (Fuji)

When I first saw Kaidou-sempai, I thought I was gonna get killed. N-Now, of course I respect him! (Horio)


I've been wondering since our match. Your curly hair, can I touch it? (Matsudaichi Chikahiko)

Heeey, Akaya. I totally saw that you snuck in candy with you! Let me have some too. (Marui)


Even though you turned into a devil, you still managed to keep your seems that I somewhat underestimated you. Sorry, sorry. (Miya)

Hey Mamushi. Sorry about that time with the cliff. I'll definitely pay back this debt during the training camp! (Momoshiro)


With his courteousness, Kaidou-kun leaves a favorable impression. It's something our Kirihara-kun should learn. (Yagyuu)

I, Yanagi Renji, am glad to have entrusted the representation of us at this training camp to you. I look forward to a rematch once you have reached the top. (Yanagi)


Boomerang Snake is so against the rules, da~ne. Because of you, I can't stand snakes anymore, da~ne. They're scary, da~ne. (Yanagisawa)

Kaidou-kun...take care of what Tezuka-kun entrusted to you. Seigaku is now in your care. (Yamato)


To think you were evenly matched with that Aniki of mine. But now, Aniki is super strong, so you better be prepared! (Yuuta)

Akaya, you have truly become much stronger since the time we first had a match. I leave Rikkai's tennis club in your care. (Yukimura)


We should play beach volleyball again in the summer. Hey, hey, what are you getting red for, Kaidou? (Ryuuzaki Sumire)

I accidentally saw Kaidou-sempai getting ignored by Karupin while strolling... this was actually the fifth time. (Ryoma)

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