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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri vol. 1 Atobe x Sanada RIVALS [pg. 43]

PairPuri vol. 1 Atobe x Sanada RIVALS
Those Players' Secrets?! Witness Talk [pg. 43]

Training Camp Report 3

Those Players' Secrets?! Witness Talk
When healthy students gather together, anything can happen! There's this sort of thing in the training camp too?!

Eyewitness M-san (Mukahi)
Damn it, damn it! They scared me!!
What I thought were ghosts were actually Chinen and Hiyoshi. Damn it. At night, don't stand together like that!!

Useless!! Those sempai ^q^

Eyewitness S-san (Shiraishi)
Nn~! The mobile phone blog I let Kikumaru see...
This blog is clearly talking about us...the criminal? It can only be Zaizen-kun.

Eyewitness M-san (Momoshiro)
I heard people laughing and having fun in the middle of the night!!
They were reading things like manga at night! How stand offish~ Please let me join in too!!

These sorts of eyewitness reports are arriving one after another!!

Eyewitness M-san (Mizuki)
Nfufufu, he keeps a diary so he's never caught with his guard down
I saw it.At night, Tezuka-kun was writing in his diary...Nn~, he looked like he was kind of smiling, but I wonder if that was just my imagination.

Eyewitness K-san (Kirihara)
Those guys were talking in code!
Echizen and Krauser and Atobe and Yagyuu-sempai were saying stuff in English in the corridor! Stuff like 'onigiri', that sort of thing...?!

Eyewitness K-san (Koharu)
Even if you don't do that sort of thing, I - will - tell - youuuu <3
Inui-chan was sneakily taking data when I was getting into the bath. Even if he doesn't do it sneakily, I'd tell him~

Eyewitness K-san (Kurobane)
They unexpectedly consider family important!
Those guys in Higa Chuu, they're so violent, and yet, surprisingly, they think about their families. Everyone uses their mobile phones to call their families.

The next issue of 'Young Smash!!' will also reveal the U-17 Training Camp members' secrets!! Look forward to it!!

Thanks to lucathia_rykatu for proofreading and sai_the_shaman for scans!
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