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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri vol. 7 Jirou x Marui POSITIVE [pg. 43]

PairPuri vol. 7 Jirou x Marui POSITIVE
At that time, those players were?! Eyewitness Reports [pg. 43]

Training Camp Report 4

At that time, they were?! Eyewitness Reports
The players will expose the hidden stories of the winners and losers?! One by one, every unconfirmed episode from before they joined up again is anonymously arriving!


[pic: Chitose stuffing himself]
Eyewitness C-san (Chitose)
Iya~ It was delicious horse sashimi [horse sashimi is his favourite food]
It was my sempai from Shishigaku's treat, so everyone ate until they were full.

Eyewitness I-san (Ishida)
'Hey brother!"'s a common word among people who like rock.
While listening to music, Kamio-han, Hirari-han, and Tenjin-han all had their arms around each others' shoulders.

Eyewitness M-san (Marui)
Everyone had a partner pride contest!
Ohtori and Oshitari and Yagyuu were arguing about how much better their own partnerships were.


[pic: Marui and Kaidou are terrified looking at a bandaged body]
Eyewitness M-san (Mukahi)
Is he trying to be Tutankhamun?!?!
W-why was he wrapped round and round in bandages in a sleeping bag...Inui!

Eyewitness H-san (Higashikata)
It seems like there's a natural onsen...
I heard in a conversation that Momoshiro and Kaidou invited Echizen...I wonder if it's a good onsen...

Eyewitness J-san (Jackal)
Everyone had a partner complaint competition...
Shishido and Mukahi and Niou were all talking about how much of a nuisance their partnerships are.

Sempai for life?! Rumors about the high school students
Irie-sempai is working part-time as a waiter?!

[pic: Irie in an apron serving Tokugawa and Oni; Yukimura is surprised in the background]

Eyewitness YS (Yukimura)
I saw this during breakfast. He was carrying several of the high school students' dishes, and was moving with an air of experience.

Eyewitness FS (Fuji)
Does he usually work as a waiter, I wonder? Us middle school students can't yet, suits him.

Thanks to lucathia_rykatu for proofreading!
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