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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri Vol 8 Kite x Akutsu At That Time, They Were?! Witness Talk [pg.43]

PairPuri Vol 8 Kite x Akutsu
At That Time, They Were?! Witness Talk [pg.43]

Training Camp Report 4
At That Time, They Were?! Witness Talk

The episode before the winners and losers recombine hasn't come to an end yet. What kind of commotion is occurring behind the relentless special training!?

Winners Losers
[Picture of Kirihara looking exasperated as sparkly Oshitari (Yuushi) and Shiraishi bicker over who's treating whom]

Eyewitness K-san [Kirihara]
They were just like some old ladies from Osaka!
They were going "I'll treat you", "oh no, I will" ... for 5 minutes!

Eyewitness A-san [Atobe]
Insulting Ore-sama's fashion ... is something you don't say.
Matsudaira Chikahiko, huh ... pretending to be a designer? Ore-sama's normal clothes are made from silk.

Eyewitness F-san [Fuji Shuusuke]
Could you send me a picture message of Tezuka too?
Akutagawa-kun is taking a lot [of photos]. It's rare to see a troubled-looking Tezuka.
Eyewitness T-san [Taneshi]
Those guys know a lot about edible herbs!
I got Rikkai's baldy to tell me about it, I'm going on a wild grass picking spree with everybody!

Eyewitness H-san [Hitouji]
W-Why are you snuggling up and sleeping with that kind of guy!
That Sanada guy ... he's so used to crossing his arms! K-Koharuuu~!

[Picture of Niou and Todoroki aiming their darts at the board while thinking of a lump of ham]

Eyewitness S-san [Shishido] 1
It looks like both of them are strong in darts.
They wagered some ham and had a serious match. Niou and Todoroki-senpai both took it way too seriously!
Senpai for life!? Gossip About the High Schoolers

[Picture of Yagyuu in detective clothes and Mizuki in spy clothes secretly following Yamato, who was swinging a ring of keys]

These two have made an inference! Yamato-senpai lives alone!?

Eyewitness M.H [Mizuki Hajime]
Nn~ Yamato Yuudai ... it appears that he's good at folding up his laundry beautifully. Oh? He's carrying quite a few keys but ...

Eyewitness Y.H [Yagyuu Hiroshi]
I was also thinking about it when he was talking about instant ramen just then ... ha! He lives alone, there's no mistake about it!

- - - - - - - - - - -
Translator's Notes

1 When Shishido comments about Niou and Todoroki being "way too serious" about their darts/ham match, he says "gekimaji" (激マジ) which is another spin-off of his usual "gekidasa".

Thank you to alexdonnelly for sharing Pairpuri #8 scans here!

- - - - - - - - - - -

There Fuji goes again with the Tezuka picture collection. He must have amassed mountain loads of Tezuka photos. D8

PFFFFT at Yuushi and Shiraishi, they must be sharing secrets about Kenya, yup.

Koharu sleeps with Sanada? Niou bets on ham? |||OTL
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