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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri Vol 9 Inui x Chitose The Players' {Secret} Witness Talk [pg.43]

PairPuri Vol 9 Inui x Chitose
Directly From the Training Camp! The Players' {Secret} Witness Talk [pg.43]

Training Camp Report 4
Directly From the Training Camp! The Players' {Secret} Witness Talk

The winners and losers have recombined at last! It's been a long while since the players have reunited, but just what kind of episode has occurred?

Eyewitness K-san [Kabaji]
(regarding Hiyoshi and Akaya)
They are ... obstinate ...

They were bad-mouthing their senpais but ... they were ... proud of it.

Eyewitness S-san [Shiraishi]
Hey hey, don't play Tarzan in the hallway!
They've become pretty agile, Kurobane and Mukahi. ... hey, that's dangerous!
[Picture of Kenya headbutting Atobe from behind, who spits out his drink in shock]

Eyewitness S-san [Saitou]
Even though it was non-alcoholic ... he's such a child (laughs)
He [Kenya] probably panicked because he thought that he [Atobe] was drinking alcohol, ahaha.
[Picture of Kintarou reaching for a balloon while sitting on Sanada's shoulders with Yukimura smiling in the background]

Eyewitness Y-san [Yukimura]
Fufufu ... aren't you becoming quite paternal?
In the short while that I haven't seen you, you've become good friends with him. Right, Sanada?
Eyewitness K-san [Krauser] 1
This is purikura? I'm happy!
I received it from Zaizen-san! It's colorful, I stuck it on my notebook.

Eyewitness Y-san [Yuuta]
Mizuki-san was fuming.
He was yelling into the phone ... it seems that Akazawa-buchou broke the dormitory bathtub.
Senpai for life!? Gossip About the High Schoolers

[Picture of Akutsu and Kai watching Tokugawa on a motorbike]

The one speeding away on a motorcycle is Tokugawa!?

Eyewitness Y.K [Yuujirou Kai]
Eh? That motorcycle has awesome speed. He had a helmet on so I couldn't see his face very well but ... he looks like that Tokugawa guy.

Eyewitness J.A [Akutsu Jin] 2
Hn, he's got a heavy license, huh ... that unexpected motorcycle bastard. Well, I'm not interested! (... fleeting glance)

- - - - - - - - - - -
Translator's Notes

1 Purikura are those Japanese photo sticker booths where you can decorate your photos and print them out as stickers.

2 In Japan, driving licenses are divided into many categories. One of which is the Heavy Motorcycle License (大型二輪免許) that Akutsu was referring to, which allows you to drive a motorcycle with an engine displacement of over 400 cc.

Thank you to alexdonnelly for sharing Pairpuri #9 scans here!

- - - - - - - - - - -

My favorite was Akutsu, he's so totally jealous of Tokugawa and his motorcycle! And Sanada being paternal, oh yes. XD But I also don't want to know how you break a bathtub.
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