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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri Vol 10 Fuji x Shishido The Players' {Secret} Witness Talk [pg.43]

PairPuri Vol 10 Fuji x Shishido
Directly From the Training Camp! The Players' {Secret} Witness Talk [pg.43]

Training Camp Report 4
Directly From the Training Camp! The Players' {Secret} Witness Talk

Direct interview after the recombination of the winners and losers! Behind the emotional reunion, we've come to anonymously uncover the great number of various unusual incidents that have been witnessed!

[Picture of Yukimura sleep-walking past all the infra-red lasers with Oishi freaking out in the background]

Eyewitness O-san [Oishi]
T-This is Rikkai's captain ... !!
He's passing through the restaurant's infra-red lasers even while he's asleep ...!
Eyewitness M-san [Momoshiro]
Thanks for the grand reunion celebration!
Both Marui-san's cake and Kawamura-senpai's sushi have a taste that puts pros to shame!

Eyewitness I-san [Ibu]
Hmmm ... black sea cucumber ... it might be better than I had thought ...
I had borrowed some shampoo from Chinen-san and ... my hair became all glossy ...
Eyewitness Y-san [Yanagi]
The Lucky and Tricky ones, that's a powerful tag-team.
The power of the Sengoku & Niou pair when gambling in poker is abnormal.

Eyewitness O-san [Ootori]
Now that you mention it, those two are the same age.
I've heard various things about Sakaki-kantoku from Coach Saitou.
[Picture of Ryoma being flocked (lovingly) by eagles while Miyako watches on]

Eyewitness M-san [Miyako]
To have tamed the eagles, I was surprised ...
Hunting is also my hobby but ... that guy might also have that talent.
Senpai for life!? Gossip About the High Schoolers

[Picture of Hirakoba frantically showing a magazine with Tanegashima on the cover to Amane]

Tanegashima-senpai is Akogare's reader model?!

Eyewitness R.H [Hirakoba Rin] 1
Oi oi! Did you see this month's Men's Non-no!? The model who's posing on here, can you see that it's that Tanegashima guy?!

Eyewitness H.A [Amane Hikaru] 2
Mn ... it seems like it. He was a reader model, huh ... surely, he's popular then ... pft. (SMACK) Ouch!

- - - - - - - - - - -
Translator's Notes

1 Men's Non-no is a Japanese fashion magazine targeted towards teenage males.

2 Davide's pun is on the words MODEL, which is モデル / MODERU, and POPULAR, which is モテル / MOTERU since the words only differ by one syllable. The whole phrase reads as:

彼は読者モデルだったのか … きっとモテルんだろう … プッ。
Kare wa dokusha MODERU datta no ka ... kitto MOTERUn darou ... pft.

Thank you to alexdonnelly for sharing Pairpuri #10 scans here!

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I would pay big money to see Sengoku and Niou play poker together. *Q* BIG MONEY.
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