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[Prince of Tennis] PairPuri Vol 1 Atobe x Sanada Words for the Two [pg.3-50]

PairPuri Vol 1 Atobe x Sanada
Words for the Two [pg.3-50]

At the bottom of most of the odd pages are short words for Atobe and Sanada from the other characters. I found myself skipping over them, but they're pretty amusing if you take the time to read them. Since I most likely won't be translating all the pages where you find these quotes on, here they are in one collection.

pg. 3

Form is emptiness. Ho...Sanada, so you practice zazen* daily too. We might actually get along. (Ishida Gin)

Atobe's father's occupation is a company executive; just from that he has that much wealth...I'm very curious. (Inui)

*zazen: seated Zen meditation

pg. 5

What's with those two. They're definitely not middle schoolers like us. They have too many openings for tsukkomi*...mumble mumble. (Ibu)

Atobe-kun and Sanada-kun both have hidden potential left. I want to draw that out during the training camp. (Irie)

*tsukkomi: the straight man in a comedy duo

pg. 7

Um. As a vice captain too, I wonder if I should be strict to everyone like Sanada... (Oishi)

If Atobe-buchou is here, everything will be all right. For us, I believe he's a person who inspires unshakable self-confidence. (Ootori)

pg. 9

Atobe hasn't changed at all since first year. Really, I'm glad I transferred to Hyoutei. (Oshitari)

That kid with the black hat...I wanted to try training him. Atobe, that stuck up kid, looks like he could do with some training too. (Oni)

pg. 11

That guardian even followed him to the U-17 camp! Ai? Player?'re telling me he's actually a middle schooler? (Kai)

I will definitely beat the Atobe who won against Tezuka-buchou! Same goes for Sanada! Fushuuuuu.... (Kaidou)

pg. 13

Those two, they throw their weight around. I'm going to shut them up with my super tennis! (Kadowaki)

Wherever he goes...I will...follow...Atobe-san. Usu! (Kabaji)

pg. 15

I haven't paid him back yet for street tennis! This time, I'll be the one to beat Atobe! (Kamio)

I don't neglect my regular muscle training just like Sanada, but I wonder it that's the the secret to his power and strength. (Kawamura)

pg. 17

Fu nya~. You know Sanada, that guy, ever since he was born, I wonder if he has ever grinned, nya~? (Kikumaru)

Sanada fukubuchou is going to graduate soon. Shit! Before that happens, I'm definitely going to surpass him!! (Kirihara)

pg. 19

I know him! Sanada is that super gorilla-like guy right? That guy's tennis totally excites me! (Kintarou)

Che, Sanada! I lost against him during the practice match, but I'll defeat him this time! Ready your neck for me and wait! (Kuki)

pg. 21

In any case, I'm surprised! Are all Japanese people as interesting as those two? (Krauser)

Atobe is the buchou-san over at Yuushi's, right? There's talk that he's a lady killer among the housewives in Osaka! (Kenya)

[I'm surprised too...Krauser's speech is so polite.]

pg. 23

Both of them aren't my type, but they're overflowing with manliness, so they're very lo-ve-ly. ♥ (Koharu)

They're really unbelievable. What's with those two? I don't know a thing about their monster-like strength. (Zaizen)

pg. 25

He kept Hyoutei's tennis club together and guided us to the nationals. Atobe, wherever you go, itteyoshi! (Sakaki kantoku)

Sanada-fukubuchou's voice is loud and scary, but he's very dependable, de yansu~! (Shiita)

pg. 27

I don't hate Sanada's stifling play style, but, I will play by my own style! (Shishido)

Sanada's strictness towards himself is something worth learning. But, I could do without the punishment by fist. (Jackal)

pg. 29

From a health maniac like me, I'd say the rock in Sanada-kun's bag is too taxing and no good. (Shiraishi)

You know, Atobe has been my hero since first year! I'm going to continue to depend on him~! ..zzz (Jirou)

pg. 31

There's a side of Atobe-kun who is very hard-working. Sanada-kun needs to laugh more or else he'll grow old! (Sengoku)

Atobe is surprisingly good at looking after people. He's always thinking of all the players on the team. I know. (Taki)

pg. 33

Atobe is that rude guy, right? I heard that he's strong, but he's definitely not stronger than oniichan! (Tachibana An)

Hahaa--! Whoever the opponent is, I won't lose in a yakiniku contest!! (Tanishi)

pg. 35

Even though he does not use "muga no kyouchi," he can still achieve that kind of play. Atobe Keigo. He's a frightening guy. (Chitose)

Atobe, and Sanada, those were good matches. Next time we play, I won't lose. (Tezuka)

pg. 37

I've always thought this, that Sanada's tension is high right from the morning. Then during practice, his voice is way too loud. (Niou)

That Atobe, his helicopter and his tennis court...he has way too many openings for tsukkomi! (Hitouji)

pg. 39

Next year, I am going to win Nationals No.1 that Atobe buchou didn't manage. That will be my gekokujou. (Hiyoshi)

Ai? That Sanada is also part of the discipline committee...? And he's the head...! Too bright~, too bright~! (Hirakoba)

pg. 41

Because we resigned, you guys lucked out and got off easily, Sanada! Hahaaa! Ginka!! (Fukushi)

I wonder if Atobe drinks coffee in the morning? I just acquired quality coffee beans. I'll give him some next time. (Fuji)

pg. 43

Even though he's part of the discipline committee, it's still too much to take away my candy that I bought on the way home! (Marui)

Nfufufu. I heard Atobe-kun also enjoys tea time. I wonder what kind of tea cups he uses? (Mizuki)

pg. 45

Hyoutei no Atobe...although we're both captains, he completely stands out. I'm so jealous... (Minami)

Hey! I got defeated by Sanada in the semi-finals! Japan's samurai are strong after all! (Mikhailov)

pg. 47

That Atobe, he changed his cell phone again right!? Shit, I want the newest model too! (Mukahi)

I was surprised by the helicopter, but that was a big help! Atobe-san is actually a good guy!! (Momoshiro)


I have tennis practice and the discipline committee with Sanada. He went all out for the once-a-semester school wide patrol. (Yagyuu)

Genichirou and I have the same interests. We get along well. Let's enjoy writing together next time. (Yanagi)


Atobe is that guy who likes to be flashy, da~ne. He always stands out, da~ne. I'm envious he gets so much of the spotlight, da~ne. (Yanagizawa)

Sanada, it's thanks to you that I've come this far. Let me say this properly...thank you so much. (Yukimura)

pg. 50

It's unbelievable that all these incredible players are from the same age group. If only I were a bit younger. (Ryuuzaki Sumire)

Atobe-san and Sanada-san? The matches, I enjoyed them. But, I did win both of them. (Ryoma)

edit: Added Yagyuu, Yanagi, Yanagizawa, and Yukimura's!
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